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Database on Indigenous Peoples and Quilombolas | 2019 Indigenous Peoples and Quilombolas


The Database on Indigenous and Quilombolas consists of a set of record-based information, organized by municipalities, on the Indigenous and Quilombola areas estimated by the IBGE to carry out censuses and surveys.

The base represents all places in the national territory where there is a permanent agglomeration of inhabitants self-declared as Indigenous or Quilombolas (Decree No. 5.051/2004, Convention C 169 of the International Labor Organization).

Indigenous lands and Quilombola territories (officially delimited by the responsible bodies) and groups of households occupied by Indigenous and Quilombolas are registered. Data are also inserted from other locations that do not meet the previous criteria, but which are occupied by indigenous or quilombolas.

The anticipated data in this special edition, launched due to the fight against Covid-19, are in the process of consolidation for the 2021 Population Census, and are yet to be submitted to field and office validation steps.

This edition also includes data on the Indigenous population of the 2010 Population Census by Federation Units, Municipalities and Indigenous Lands.