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Tourism Economics


With this release, the IBGE, in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, releases the main macroeconomic indicators of Characteristic Activities of Tourism relative to the period 2003-2009, based on data compiled by the System of National Accounts, which contributes to the economic contextualization of tourism in Brazil.

The publication contains technical notes with considerations about the definition of economic activities and products which constitute tourism and the main methodological changes introduced since the previous edition of this study. The commentaries focus on the structure of Characteristic Tourism Activities in 2009 and the evolution of its main macroeconomic indicators, such as gross value added, number of positions and income earned by workers performing tourism-related activities during the period considered. It also includes a glossary with the concepts needed for the understanding of results, besides annexes which show, in detail, the classifications of specific products and of characteristic tourism activities and products.

This group of information is also available on the CD-ROM which comes enclosed with the publication.